BACA: Kahwatsiretátie: Teionkwariwaienna Tekariwaiennawahkòntie | Honouring Kinship, 2020

Biennale d'art contemporain authochtone (BACA)
Kahwatsiretátie: Teionkwariwaienna Tekariwaiennawahkòntie / Honorer nos affinités / Honouring Kinship, 2020

Date de parution | Release date : 2020
Contributeurs | Contributors : David Garneau, Faye Mullen & rudi aker
Éditeur | Publisher : Éditions Art Mûr

Pages : 100
Langues | Languages : Français, Anglais, Kanienké:ha | French, English, Kanienké:ha
ISBN : 978-2-923243-09-2

Dimensions : 24 x 26,7 cm | 9.5 x 10.5 in
Prix | Price : 35 $

Indigenous worldviews extend the anthropological concept of kinship beyond blood relations and people related by marriage and adoption. "All our relations", a familiar Native phrase, acknowledges persons present and absent, and includes as kin non-human beings and ecosystems. The art works in Kahwatsiretátie are about these relations.

The catalogue shows the work of over 40 artists with around 60 pieces and two essays by the invited curator David Garneau (Métis) and assistant curators rudi aker (Wolastoqiyik) and Faye Mullen (Anishinaabe). 

Artists: Judy Anderson, Cruz Anderson, Scott Benesiinaabandan, Rainer Wittenborn & Claus Biegert, Catherine Blackburn, Katherine Boyer, Bob Boyer, Kaia’tanó:ron Dumoulin Bush, Warren Cariou, Hunter Cascagnette, Hannah Claus, Renée Condo, Jon Corbett, Ruth Cuthand, Wally Dion, Devonn Drossel, Marcy Friesen, Lucas Hale, Emma Hassencahl-Perley, Larissa Riss Kitchemonia, Sharon Rose Kootenay, Owisokon Pauline Lahache, Tania Larsson, Jason Edward Lewis, Kay Mayer, Kevin McKenzie, Dylan Miner, Nadia Myre, Margaret Orr, Graham Paradis, Luke Parnell, Sage Paul, Jobena Petonoquot, Sherry Farrell Racette, Diane Roberts, Máret Ánne Sara, Nancy Saunders, Skawennati, Marian Snow, Jack Theis, Ulivia Uviluk, Flora Weitsche, Corinna Wollf. Weaving Cultural Identities: Threads Through Time: Efemeral, Chief Janice George, Angela George, Doaa Jamal, Buddy Joseph, Krista Point, Ruth Scheuing, Debra Sparrow, Robyn Sparrow, Mary Lou Trinkwon.

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