Qui sommes-nous ?

Who We Are

Our vision

A cultural destination accessible to all, leading art gallery, and resource for Inuit art, First Nations art, Métis art, and Fine Crafts in Canada.

Our mission

A non-profit organization since 1906, La Guilde is committed to support and encourage Inuit, First Nations, Métis, and Fine Crafts artists to ensure the viability of their artistic practices. It offers a space of sharing and exploration through a wide range of exhibitions, cultural activities, and educational programs to develop knowledge, as well as raise awareness and openness. La Guilde continues to preserve and develop a permanent collection of Canadian art.

Our values

SHARING: In a spirit of inclusion and synergy, La Guilde seeks to gather and share knowledge, experiences, and ideas while encouraging open dialogue and social engagement.

INTEGRITY: In a spirit of inclusion and synergy, La Guilde seeks to gather and share knowledge, experiences, and ideas while encouraging open dialogue and social engagement.

PROFESSIONALISM: Building on 115+ years of experience, La Guilde strives for excellence and values artistic quality and attention to detail. It listens carefully and recognizes the contributions of everyone involved.

OPENNESS: La Guilde pledges to be curious, open-minded, open to the world, and to create greater understanding and awareness among its communities.

COLLABORATION: La Guilde builds long-lasting relationships with its partners, artists, and publics, and strives for a positive environment based on solidarity, teamwork, and trust.

Our spheres


La Guilde's exhibitions are spaces of exploration for both established and emerging contemporary artists. They highlight works while creating dialogues and connections between the works, artists, themes, and audiences. Open to all, the exhibitions are free and aim to promote, encourage, and inform.

Permanent Collection

La Guilde has over 1500 artifacts and works of art—from the end of the 19th century to today—including one of the most historically important collections of Inuit art in Canada. It continues to grow through donations and new acquisitions. The exhibition Material Trilogy: One Collection features 115 objects from the treasures of thepermanent collection.


La Guilde's gallery offers a wide range of unique handmade works by Canadian artists, including sculptures, wall art, and jewellery. These high quality works are available for purchase (in person and online). The gallery's team—passionate about Inuit art, First Nations art, and Fine Crafts—is pleased to welcome you and offer the following services: personalized advice, detailed information, gift suggestion, delivery, and installation.


Through its extensive program of educational and cultural activities, including workshops, demonstrations, lectures, guided tours, etc., La Guilde creates a space for dialogue and the sharing of knowledge. La Guilde also welcomes students from different programs, from all academic levels, to partake in research or internships related to their field of study.

Archives & documentation

In the 1980s, several bags were discovered in the attic of the building where La Guilde was located for 68 years. The contents of these bags—letters, pamphlets, catalogs, and photographs, some dating back to 1874—became La Guilde’s archives. Virginia J. Watt, the director at the time, did a tremendous job organizing the material to make it accessible for research.

La Guilde also has a documentation center that includes a wide variety of publications dealing with Inuit art, First Nations art, and Fine Crafts. La Guilde's archives, library, and documentation center are available for consultation.