Donner, c'est faire la différence

Donate and Be Part of the Legacy!

For over 116 years, La Guilde has supported thousands of Canadian artists working with glass, jewellery, textile, ceramic, stone, and many more mediums. La Guilde's past, present, and future relies on individual and corporate donations.

As a registered charitable organization, La Guilde will issue a tax receipt for the amount donated.

In addition to the tax credit for charitable donations, large cultural donations ($5,000 to $25,000) made by an individual are eligible for a tax credit of 25% of the amount donated. Cultural patronage (donations of $250,000 and more) entitles the donor to a tax credit of 30% of the eligible amount. For more details, please consult the Revenu Québec website. Supporting the arts and culture pays off!

Be Part of the Legacy!

Other Ways to Support Us

Endowment Fund

Safeguarding the long-term sustainability of the organization, La Guilde has an endowment fund to which you can contribute. The amount of your donation will be added to the invested capital, which remains intact and generates annual investment income that allows La Guilde to finance part of its operations.

 Purchasing Artwork

Every artwork purchased from our Gallery directly supports Indigenous and Canadian artists, and allows La Guilde to pursue its mission.

Did you know that purchasing an artwork at La Guilde can be tax-deductible?

Corporations or individuals who purchase or rent Canadian artworks for their personal office or for the common areas of their place of business can claim a provincial and federal tax deduction. Certain conditions apply.

 Donate Securities

Donating publicly traded securities such as shares or bonds is a simple and quick process. The donor pays no capital gains and receives a tax receipt equal to the market value at the time of the transfer of the securities.

In-Kind Donations *

Since 2016, more than 400 objects have been donated to La Guilde's permanent collection and documentation center. La Guilde is happy to receive donations such as:

  • artworks, objects, or artefacts that complement our permanent collection,
  • publications on Indigenous art or Canadian Crafts, and/or
  • any equipment or service to help La Guilde’s operations.

* In-kind donations are eligible for a tax receipt up to $1,000 according to La Guilde's evaluation.

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