Prix François-Houdé 2021

Prix François-Houdé 2021

November 25, 2021 to February 20, 2022

La Guilde is proud to present, in partnership with the Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec and the Ville de Montréal an exhibition featuring the finalists of the Prix François-Houdé 2021 and the exhibition by the textile artist Julie Bénédicte Lambert, last year’s recipient and award winner.

From November 25, 2021 to February 20, 2022, come and discover the works of the nine finalists:

Cybèle Beaudoin Pilon (artiste céramiste)
Brigitte Dahan (artiste céramiste)
David Frigon-Lavoie (artiste verrier)
Chris Fusaro (designer industriel) 
Pauline Guidera (artiste céramiste) 
HOTELMOTEL (créatrices de chaussures) 
Charlie Larouche Potvin (artiste verrier)
Lucie Leroux (artiste textile) 
Delphine Platten (relieuse)  

The recipient of the Prix François-Houdé 2021 will be named on Thursday, November 25, during the award ceremony, which will be taking place at La Guilde. This prize, awarded the Ville de Montréal, includes a grant and is given to a professional artist at the beginning of his or her career. It promotes the prominence of new creations on the Montreal crafts scene and helps young artist-creators share their artwork with the world. We invite you to discover the works that celebrate the best local artists.

Exhibition view, Prix François-Houdé 2021
Exhibition view, Prix François-Houdé 2021 - Delphine Platten
Exhibition view, Prix François-Houdé 2021 - Paul Guidera
Exhibition view, Prix François-Houdé 2021 - David Frigon-Lavoie
Exhibition view, Prix François-Houdé 2021 - Julie Bénédicte Lambert

Commencer par le bord. Premier cahier, the exhibition of last year's recipient Julie Bénédicte Lambert

The pieces in the exhibition Commencer par le bord. Premier cahier are inspired by basketry. The artist refers to the edges of baskets, which are called lips or borders. She translates these openings on the loom and then works with them flat. Through drawing, collage, and weaving, Julie Bénédicte Lambert imagines these works as drawings-weavings, body-containers. Their titles take the form of dates, entries in an invented notebook.

Julie Bénédicte Lambert graduated in Studio Arts from Concordia University in 2000 and developed a passion for textiles and paper. To deepen her knowledge of textile building techniques, she completed a DEC at the Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal in 2013. In the course of her research in the field of weaving, the etymological link between the words (texte in French) and textile has led the artist to adopt paper as a material, which has a multitude of uses. The artist is inspired by symbols of transmission of ideas and knowledge, of nobility and intimacy, which she transforms and weaves to provoke an internal dialogue between substance and form. The artist has already won several prizes and grants, inclusing the Prix François-Houdé 2020 and exhibited her work in Quebec, France, the United States, Ukraine, and Austria.


The Prix François-Houdé recognizes the remarkable craftsmanship of their creations and their original contributions to the practice of a craft related to the transformation of wood, leather, textiles, metals, glass, ceramics, paper, or any other material. It also recognizes their mastery of exploratory techniques associated with their specific discipline. Remember that this award is in honour of François Houdé, an internationally renowned glass sculptor and the co-founder of the Espace VERRE (formerly Centre des métiers du verre du Québec).


For those who couldn't attend, here is the video of Julie Bénédicte Lambert's studio visit:

Photos: Exhibition views, 2021. © La Guilde
Images: Julie Bénédicte Lambert, 2021. © La Guilde
Vidéo : À l’atelier : Fils de papier et tissage assisté par ordinateur | Julie Bénédicte Lambert, 2022. © La Guilde