Atelier de broderie d’art : Un univers de beauté | Tamara Rubilar

Art Embroidery Workshop: A Universe of Beauty | Tamara Rubilar

Thursday, July 15, 2021 - 6 to 7 PM

As part of the last instalment of POP-UP, Conversation, the artist Tamara Rubilar offers an embroidery workshop allowing you to make your own Dahlia brooch. She first presents her background, the different schools (in Spain, France, and England) she attended and the approaches of each of them. She explains the techniques of needlework and the Luneville hook. Then she shows her abstract works, accessories, and light silk flowers, as well as the materials she uses to make them. She then details the steps involved in making the Dahlia brooch. The workshop ends with a question period. Come and try embroidery art, a fine and delicate art form!

For those who couldn't attend, here is the video of Tamara Rubilar's embroidery workshop on the making of a Dahlia brooch:

Graduating from the Montreal Center for contemporary textiles in 2014, artist Tamara Rubilar made her training in Europe at the renown Lesage school in Paris and the Royal School of Needlework in London. In 2019, she founded Studio textile Montreal, where she offers professional embroidery workshops, produces custom orders for clients, and develops personal work. She strives to transcend matter as self-expression by creating original and unique decorative objects and fashion accessories; conveying enchantment and wonder, and celebrating femininity by meticulously hand-crafting textiles with delicate precision.Her work has been part of group exhibitions in Canada, France, and Spain.

Photos: (Dahlia brooch) Courtesy of the artist; (Portrait of the artist) © Anne Claire Vimal du Monteil.
Video : Atelier de broderie d'art : Un univers de beauté | TAMARA RUBILAR, 2021. © La Guilde