Harry Warshaw


    Harry Warshaw is a jewellery designer based in Montreal. He studied at the École de joaillerie de Montréal (ÉJM), from which he graduated in 2023. He challenges the conventions of jewellery design and manufacture. His work combines modern technology with traditional techniques to create unique and complex pieces that are impossible to make by hand. The collection “Seed” is based on extensive research into computer-assisted design and 3D printing, exploring the potential of generative design in jewellery making. His technical and creative approach earned him several distinctions immediately after graduation, including the Janis Kerman Award, the Barbara Cohen Award, the Serafino Award, the Award for Excellence in Innovation, and a special mention for the ÉJM Private Collection Award. He was also a finalist in the L.A. Pai National Jewellery Student Competition (Ottawa, ON) in 2023.