Tyler Rock | Forme & Formulations

Tyler Rock | Forme & Formulations

November 24, 2022 to February 5, 2023


La Guilde is proud to present the exhibition Forme & Formulations by established glass artist Tyler Rock.

In his work, Tyler Rock seeks refinement of the form to bring our focus on the aesthetic and sculptural experience as opposed to its utilitarian function. Through the materiality of glass, the artist opens a dialogue between the artefact and the viewer. An ode to a number of works from Tyler Rock’s prolific career spanning thirty years, the exhibition Forme & Formulations presents works that explore a range of sculptural possibilities, utilizing traditional glassblowing processes while honouring the vessel form.

These works bring forth approaches and explorations that use combinations of shapes, multiples, and repetition as a means to create sculpture. In some of the works, the forms and formulations develop in new ways and on new themes, while new iterations of similar working approaches are investigated in others. Each series presented in the exhibition plays on the concept of form, composition, and structure. They come together to show the diversity of techniques forming Tyler Rock’s practice.

In addition to the new series developed for Forme & Formulations, a number of the works in the exhibition are done in collaboration with Julia Reimer, in particular the wall installation Dissolution. Husband and wife team Tyler Rock and Julia Reimer have been long-time collaborators, working with each other on large-scale public art pieces and commissioned works. Together, they own and operate Firebrand Glass studio.

About the artist

Glass artist Tyler Rock holds a Master’s in Visual Arts from the University of South Australia and a diploma specialising in glass from the Alberta College of Art, where he has been teaching since 1995. Among several other prizes and distinctions, he was awarded the Established Artist Excellence Prize of the Alberta Craft Council in 2009. The artist has lectured, taught workshops, and participated in multiple solo and group exhibitions across the globe, notably in Canada, the United States, Japan, Australia, France, and South Korea. His artworks are part of numerous private and public collections, including those of The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass (NY, USA) and The Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Photo: Tyler Rock, Luminary Vessel, 2022.