Lumière sur le verre

Light on Glass

September 18 to November 22, 2020

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Light on Glass presents the work of seventeen contemporary Canadian glass artists:


This exhibition by La Guilde's gallery underlines the importance of the dialogue between light and the medium of glass, as well as the depth of technical knowledge possessed by glass artists. The light beams captured and emitted by glass intensify the colours and textures of the work, making it shine and shimmer. They make the work appear lightweight, profound, sometimes even solid and bring out its opacity. It creates shadows where darkness and light combine. In this exhibition, La Guilde features a selection of works that reflect a wide range of techniques and a beautiful variety of forms.

In order to carry out their research while taking into account all the possibilities of glass, the artists use a number of techniques:

Blowing: the artist blows into a blowpipe to make a mass of molten glass inflate.

Flameworking: heating the glass with a torch or very hot flame, the artist uses various tools to manipulate it and give it the desired shape.

Lost Wax Casting: around a wax model, the artist makes a refractory mold. The wax, then, flows out of the mold to form a cavity, where the glass is poured to create the work.

Glass paste / “pâte de verre”: the artist applies a fine powder (paste) - composed of finely ground glass, a binder and pigments - to the inner surface of a mould before firing it.

Cold Working: the artist shapes and finishes his work using cold glass techniques (e.g. cutting, engraving, polishing and sandblasting).

La Guilde is relaunching its 2020 programming with the exhibition Light on Glass. This display of works allows La Guilde to further its mandate of presenting and promoting established artists in dialogue with emerging artists.  As part of this exhibition, La Guilde will be launching a new series of cultural activities on its social networks.


A guided tour and presentation of the 17 glass artists in the exhibition, Light on Glass, by the Communications & Programming Coordinator, Genevieve Duval.

Image : Assemblage of works from Light on Glass, 2020. © La Guilde
Video : Light on Glass - A Guided Tour, 2020. © La Guilde