Denise Landry | Obsession métal


July 9 to June 9, 2016

La Guilde proudly presented Obsession métal, an exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Denise Landry from June 9 to July 9, 2016. In this exhibition composed of pieces of jewellery and sculptures, the artist’s approach returns to a more painterly one. Trained in engraving, she creates artworks that fall somewhere between jewellery and sculpture. Strongly inspired by the unfading memories of her childhood, she transforms matter, especially through techniques specific to jewellery, including the binding of fine silver by finger and manual cutting using a light saw with finely laser-cut teeth.

The exhibition presented pieces including her flagship creations, as well as more recent creations. The Guild invited its public to discover the multiple versions of works in precious metal; each of the pieces presented requires several steps to be achieved.


    “My interest in metal and jewellery crafting is essentially based on the obsessive pleasure derived from developing forms through the acts of fabricating and the textile techniques that I use. I enjoy the physical work involved, the various processes in order to produce an object, the soft and slow pace dictated by handling, technique, and respect for the material and finally the attention to the various possibilities when the tool’s markings become textures. The pursuit of rhythm; the repetition becomes an interplay between full and empty spaces. And finally, and always, the possibility, the choice of being able to change my initial idea in the midst of creation feeds my obsession and my passion.”

    - Denise Landry

    Image : ​​Denise Landry, Dinosaure canadien, Dinosaure Discus, 2015.