Vernissage | Spring Break Up

Exhibition Opening | Spring Break Up

Thursday, March 28, 2024, 5:30 to 8 PM

Exhibition curator: Laura Hodgins

La Guilde was delighted at the successful opening ofSpring Break Up, an exhibition featuring the work of twelve Indigenous emerging artists from the Northwest Territories:Kyle Natkusiak Aleekuk, Darcie “Ouiyaghasiak” Bernhardt, Christine Dunbar, Laura Grier, Inuk360, Pat Kane, Jake Kimble, Trey FLOZ, Antoine Mountain, Logan Ruben, Taalrumiq, & Morgan Tsetta.

Photo: Laura Hodgins, Exhibition Curator, during the speeches at the opening of Spring Break Up, 2024. © La Guilde


The annual spring thaw transforms the Northwest Territories (NWT) in ways that might seem unfamiliar to those not acquainted with this northern region. The people of the NWT are profoundly influenced by the changing seasons, and colloquially, “Break Up” serves as a unique marker of time.

The exhibition Spring Break Up transports the essence of this transitional season to Montreal. Through a vibrant colour palette, symbolic beadwork, and graphic paintings, Spring Break Up exemplifies the optimism of spring in the North.

The evening was an opportunity not only to discover the artworks, but also to taste chef's Swaneige and listen to the musical mixes of artist Atamone.

Thank you to all the participants!

Spring Break Up was developed in partnership between La Guilde, Inuit Futures in Arts Leadership , and Inuit Art Foundation. Thank you to the NWT Arts Program for assisting with shipping costs for this exhibit and sale.

About our guests

Multidisciplinary artist, costume designer, and chef Swaneige Bertrand, from the Acho Dene koe Nation of the Northwest Territories, enthusiastically shares the positivity of Indigenous cultures in all areas of her work. Her cuisine offers a gastronomic experience that takes us on a journey to discover the land’s rich and diverse palate.

Atamone  is a Montréal-born Inuk music producer, multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist. Since 2011, he's been crafting breezy, uplifting beats, incorporating elements of jazz, soul, hip hop and electronic music. In his music, Atamone plays with the possibilities inherent to analog and digital technologies and by mingling them, finds new exciting ways to mix.

Work: Pat Kane, Canoeing on Houseboat Bay, 2018.