Visite d’atelier et démonstration de reliure | Delphine Platten

Workshop Visit and Bookbinding Demonstration | Delphine Platte

Saturday, January 30, 2021 - 1 to 2 PM

Presentation in french only.

As part of the Prix François-Houdé 2020, artist Delphine Platten offers an exclusive visit to her workshop and a tue-mouche binding demonstration. In addition to introducing her artistic practice, she takes you through the process of creating bookbinding, from stamping to tooling, which allows for a rich variety of nuances and depth. She invites you to visit her workshop to discover the specific tools used by bookbinders, such as the standing press. The event concludes with a question period during which you can ask the artist about her approach. Dive into the fascinating world of bookbinding!

For those who couldn't attend, here is the video from her presentation and demonstration of a tue-mouche binding:

Delphine Platten moved to Montreal after completing her Masters in Philosophy at Université Paris-Sorbonne. She worked as an apprentice with bookbinder Odette Drapeau and has taken numerous training courses in Quebec and France. Since 2011, she has participated in about twenty local and international exhibitions. Her creations are part of the BAnQ's collection. In 2017, she opened her bookbinding workshop in Montreal, where she works for collectors, companies, artists, and institutions.

Photo credit: © Gwen Heliou et Antoine Raymond. Courtesy of the artist
Video: Démonstration de reliure | Delphine Platten, 2020. © La Guilde