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Légendes manitobaines

Légendes manitobaines

Légendes manitobaines, 2007

Release date : 2007, 3e édition
Publisher : Éditions des 
Pages: 176
Language : French
ISBN : 9782921353755

9 x 5.5 in
Price : 12.95 $

Légendes manitobaines offers readers the opportunity to taste some of the richness of Manitoba's folklore. Louisa Picoux and Edwige Grolet offer texts that transport us back in time. These legends are inspired by the oral history of First Nations, Metis, Louis Riel, and early settlers. This trip to the past will allow readers to discover why the bison is pictured on Manitoba's flag, why Lake Winnipeg looks so dirty, and why people are afraid of leprechauns. 

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