Shaman’s Dreams, 2012

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Salt Spring Island, BC

Shaman’s Dream, 2012

Bronze, ed. 3/9
31 x 14.5 x 20 in
Price : 38 000 $

“My mother told me that our people had always been shamans. We grew up with that understanding.  When I chose to become an artist, I felt that the path I was given was to tell the shaman’s story through our culture and spiritual traditions – to tell stories of things that matter.” Able to travel across land, sea, and sky with the aid of helping spirits, the Inuit shaman (angakkuq) was regarded as the primary mediator between the human and spirit worlds. Here the shaman is draped with a bear skin. Images of birds, animals, and spirits radiate from the face of Sedna, the Inuit guardian of sea animals, on the back of the sculpture.

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