Caroline Ouellette : In Vitro

Caroline Ouellette: In Vitro

À partir du 6 février 2024

Caroline Ouellette ’s work is composed with elements created with different glass making techniques, such as blown glass, glass paste, thermoformed glass and blow torched glass. Glass is both fragile and resistant, and Caroline Ouellette’s work transposes those two poles of the medium by metaphorically making them echo one another.

The public of La Guilde is familiar with her colorful bowls and vases for a few years, but didn’t have the chance, to date, to admire her exploratory work undertaken for her doctoral studies in philosophy specialized in glass art at Adelaide, Australia, studies that she ended in 2014. 

In Vitro, vue d'exposition. 2024
In Vitro, vue d'exposition. 2024
In Vitro, vue d'exposition. 2024

 With the installation In vitro, the artist seeks to engage our senses by clouding our usual understanding. What we perceive as a plastic bag filled with a cloudy liquid surprises by its hardness when we subrepticely put a finger on it, as it is actually molded glass. The hardness or lack thereof cannot only be evaluated by our eyes.

With Different Strokes for Different Folks, lthe same photograph is transformed by its printing on different plates of fusioned glass. This is but one of the mysteries of our experience of glass.

About the artist

Caroline Ouellette is a glass artist since 1996. In 2002, she got her diploma in glasswork from L’Espace Verre in Montreal, and she continued her studies with a PhD in philosophy and a specialization in glass art at the University of South Australia in Adelaide (Australia). In 2004, she cofounded the Welmo Glass Studio in Sainte-Julie with Patrick Primeau, her business, and life, partner. She participated in many group or solo exhibitions in Canada, in the United-States and in Australia. He work can be found in such prestigious collections as the one of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Musée National de Québec and the Canadian Art Bank.

Photos : Vues d'exposition, 2024. © La Guilde